Chiropractic Care is Team Work

My cousin went to a chiropractor not long ago and told me that it just did not work. I believed her, but that is only because I know how she is. I had been going to a chiropractor in Santa Rosa CA for several months myself, so I understand that the team consists of more than just the chiropractor. The reason I have had success is because I listen to what my doctor tells me to do, and then I actually follow up with it. My cousin is the exact opposite of how I am though, so I was not surprised when she declared it a waste of her time.

She had been to physical therapy as well, and she said that was a failure too. Of course it was, because she did not do the exercises that she had to do at home. She thought that she ignore what the physical therapists told her, and she could just be treated when she was at their office. It just does not work that way. Like I said, it is team work. The chiropractor can only do so much. If their patients will not follow the treatment plan accordingly, it is not that the chiropractor has failed.

Rather, the person who refused to be a part of the team is the one who is the failure. When I am not at the chiropractor’s office, I am doing the stretching exercises every single day. I am also following the exercise plan devised specifically for me. If I do not put in the work myself, then how I can expect that the treatment plan will be effective when it is not complete? That is the same with my cousin, so I understand why some people don’t find the same relief I have found at the chiropractor, and the fault is entirely their own!

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