I Feel Like a New Person

When my husband suggested that I look into some Orland Park chiropractors for the back pain I was experiencing, I really did not think that was the right answer to what I was going through. That shows how little I knew! I had just never been to a chiropractor before, and I was not sure what to expect from one. The pain I was feeling in my back was bothersome, but it was also something that I had grown used to having. That is something else I learned when I finally did go to the chiropractor that he wanted me to see.

No one should ever get used to pain. If you have pain, then it needs to be taken care of. The longer pain stays around, the more your body is breaking down in one way or another. All of this made sense, but I had no idea how to stop the pain cycle. Thankfully though, the chiropractor that I went to see knew exactly what needed to be done. He started with an exam on my back, which included my neck and shoulders as well. He had me do a few things too so he could see exactly what my range of motion was at that time.

He felt that a few adjustments would take care of the issue, and then he explained in detail what adjustments are and how they help a person who is suffering from pain. For me, he showed me the vertebrae on a model in his office that was being affected. It was actually a good thing that my pain was not lower in my back, because that can be harder to treat. He did the first adjustment that day, and I went back two more times that week. I went a total of 10 times over the next several weeks, and he was true to his word about the adjustments taking away the pain. I feel like a new person now!

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