I Started to Work on an After School Job

I got this job for a couple of simple reasons, the first of which is pretty simple. I live right down the street from the piece of land that is the subject of the matter. It belongs to a chiropractor in Cumming GA who is building himself a weekend house up in the mountains. He and my uncle have known one another for a long time. They met because my Uncle got messed up in an auto accident, but after that he started to do side jobs for him. My uncle is a really good carpenter who specializes in cabinet making and custom kitchens. His real thing is to build extremely nice pantries. These are really a wonder, you walk in one of them and every little thing is perfectly arranged. There are shelves for every can and dispensers for sugar, flour and the like. He is trying to figure out how to modernize it, so that the pantry is smart enough to know when you are almost out of canned corn.

At any rate I need money to buy a car and so I have been looking for work. I know how to run a Bobcat too, my grandfather taught me. That is what I am doing, although obviously it is off the clock. I am not legally allowed to do this sort of thing and you could get into real trouble with the child labor laws if you were caught. Of course if you help out on a family farm, like I have most of my life, then the same sort of thing is completely legal. Of course what I am doing would cost him a whole lot if he were to hire a company or just a man and then he was to pay all of the taxes.

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