My Daughter Had Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

My 17 year old daughter was terrified about going to a Fremont dentist to have her wisdom teeth removed. She had made the mistake of going online to read more information about it, but she chose to read the negative comments about it rather than the positive. She was so scared because of them, but I knew I still had to figure out a way to convince her to have them removed before they caused her any trouble. I already knew that the dentist that we had seen on occasion was not comfortable doing it because of her anxiety.

When I asked him if he could recommend another dentist, he did not hesitate to tell us about Mission Peak Dental. He explained that they can use IV Sedation Dentistry on her. I didn’t know anything about this, so I went to their website to see if there was any information there. Thankfully, they had an entire page devoted to how they sedate their patients. One of my main concerns was her even going in on the day of her appointment because I knew she would be a nervous wreck. I was happy to see that she would take a pill the night before.

Not only would that pill relax her enough to sleep, but it would still help the following morning when I would take her in for her appointment. She would then be sedated before the procedure would even start. I was also happy to read that she would be able to respond to commands, because I knew that would make it much easier on the dentist as well. When I showed her all of this information, she decided to go ahead and give it a try. We all have to laugh now when we talk about it, because she does not remember anything at all about the entire procedure!

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