Sacramento Chiropractors Provide More Care Than Just Cracking Your Back

You know that children’s tune – “The knee bone is connected to the leg bone…”? As catchy and simplistic as that may seem, it is actually how Sacramento Chiropractors perceive the body. We see that you have a problem with your neck, but maybe also report that you hurt your foot the other day and have been limping. We can connect those dots and know that the compensation from one will lead to the other.

When people hear “Chiropractor”, they generally think of one thing: backs and necks. If you have a kink in your neck or a bad back, someone will tell you to call a chiropractor. But when you think of a chiropractor, do you think of overall body health, nutrition, and wellness? Usually not. But as chiropractors, we are interested in more than just your back and neck, because we believe in full body wellness. Just as the “knee bone is connected to the leg bone,” your nutrition is connected to your physical health; your physical health is connected to your body.

Sacramento Chiropractors are educated and passionate about providing you the knowledge to take care of yourself in all ways. Every patient is different and needs a specific plan for overall health. It’s important to acknowledge your personal current health and personal limitations to make better health and nutrition goals.

Being overweight is one of the most detrimental conditions for the human body to undertake. Close your eyes and imagine carrying a backpack full of 50-200 excess pounds around with you every single day. Can you imagine how tired and sore you’d be after that? That’s what it is to be overweight. Can you feel your back hurting, your neck being sore, your feet hurting? Then after carrying around that backpack, you’ll call up your chiropractor to get an adjustment. Protecting your body from that backpack is our priority, so naturally – protecting you from being overweight and carrying that backpack around every day is important to us too. A Sacramento Chiropractor can give you a personalized health plan to target your specific dietary need to lose weight or maintain weight loss – to get that backpack off of you.

Not just weight, but vital nutrients such as calcium and Vitamin D. Sacramento Chiropractors can inspect your daily diet and acknowledge which nutrients you’re not getting enough of, or sometimes which you’re getting too much of. We can also recommend supplements to fulfill needs you might not be getting.

Specialized dietary plans are as important to your overall skeletomuscular health as it is to get a spinal adjustment. Just as you wouldn’t put yourself through severe bodily stress without getting adjusted, you shouldn’t put yourself through severe physical stress without choosing a personalized dietary plan to keep yourself healthy.

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