Sore Feet: a Runner’s Bane

So you are suffering from sore feet. Do you know why? There are many reasons for this to happen, even to young people. The obvious is old age. For me, it was due to my Plantar Fasciitis (I had to buy special shoes at Years of use and abuse usually equals feet that hurt or worse. As a person ages the shape of their feet changes and this in itself will cause problems. With the aging process feet will become longer and they will spread out probably because they flatten out. If the shoes no longer fit right, the feet end up very sore. Some people just have inherited their foot problems while others have had to have surgery because of an injury or bone spurs for example.

Aging or being injured is not the only cause. Many people, no matter their age, just spend the day on their feet. Store clerks stand all day and teachers spend a huge part of their day on their feet. Then there are ladies in high heals and dancers and those who love to jog or feel they have to at least. Athletes like skaters and basketball players and those who run races. Well, you see that the list goes on. This all equals sore, aching feet.

Having problems with tired and burning feet is really everyone deals with at times but how do you know if your discomfort is a ‘real’ health problem? Look for the signs. You know you have a problem when your feet have real pain, not just sore from overuse. If your toe nails have become another color or very thick, this is not normal. If your feet are not just sore but actually have some odd tingles or if they swell excessively, there may be a problem. Sometimes, especially in obese individuals, the bottom of the feet get extremely dry which is another sign.

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