Started to Learn About TCM

It is not as though I am going to give up pre med and go into holistic medicine, but I have been looking into how much actual evidence there is to some of the claims made by TCM practitioners, meaning physicians who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. Of course some of it is probably bogus as it has no basis in science, but there are other things which probably work. For instance this production is something a friend of mine uses ( ). It is basically a capsule with turmeric curcumin in it and some other stuff that claims to make it easier for it to be absorbed. The claim is that this stuff will not work if you get some other type of turmeric capsule. It is not as though I would know however, because no real science backs up any of the claims. If a product is a drug or if is sold as a food product you have very specific regulations.

It is hardly that way with these supplements. You can make a a lot of claims and there is not much way to challenge them. Instead it has different rules. I guess it is the same sort of rule that would apply to ads for a toaster or some other household item. It seems as though they would regulate it in the same way, because it is going to be used in the same way. It is not a drug, but that does not mean that the person using it is not going to be taking it as though it was. It is a pill and if you take a lot of them there could be issues. In this case turmeric is a very common spice used in cooking and so it is quite unlikely that it is very harmful.

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