Vaping a List and Checking It Twice

It seems like everyone wants to get into the world of vaping these days, and I don’t just mean the people who are doing it. There are a lot of companies out there who want to make their own vape liquids because they see the potential sales that can come from it, especially with CBD juice. I’ve seen so many companies claim that they had the best CBD vape juice, but I wasn’t sure if these claims were real or if they were all just false. The only way to really know for sure was to test them all out, and my friend and I did just that.

We got the idea for doing a vape juice test from a taste test that we were watching on a cooking channel. We thought it would be funny if someone bought some juices and tried them all to see which one was the best. While it was a good idea, it was one that would be very expensive, so we decided to narrow it down to just CBD juice and bought all of the ones that we knew to exist. We figured by the end of the test, there would be one definitive answer.

Our entire weekend was nothing but testing the juices. We had to give each one a thorough test, and we didn’t just taste it like a kid would taste candy. We wrote down specific notes about the flavor and after taste that each one had. We treated the entire thing as if it was some kind of scientific experiment. We even wore lab coats, although that was mostly because they looked funny on us. Through our test, we were able to rank the juices, starting with the worst ones and working our way up to the best ones.

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