We Have a Little Soap Opera at Work

All of the people who got called into the court knew more than the insurance company lawyer and the Sacramento personal injury attorney who represented the girl who was suing the company. Of course Mr. Whittle did not want to volunteer that the girl had a personal grudge against him, because then he would have had to explain the how and why of that. No one knows if she really got hurt on the job or not. There was a spill and she was laying near it shouting that she needed an ambulance. That is all I am supposed to testify about. Of course I know the real story and that is going to be hard to keep out of it. I really wonder if I could get in trouble for not telling what I really know. That would make a much more interesting story than the one that is being told.

Mr. Whittle and this girl are both married, but that has not gotten between them very much. At some point the husband found out what was going on, which would not have been a great feat of detective work. It was well known all around the offices and on the plant floor, they were hardly doing anything to conceal it. After that Mrs. Whittle found out and she is the one who really matters. The boss is only the boss so long as his wife and her family say that he is. She can also fire people for creeping around behind her back with the husband and she did, although she found some other cause and gave her a week. That is why no one really believes that she hurt herself and there is not any way to prove it one way or another. Who knows if someone else is in pain?

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