We Needed Home Care for Hollywood Florida for My Mother with Mild Dementia and Physical Problems

My mother started to need some help at home. My wife and I were doing the things she needed help with around the house, but we could not be there all of the time to help her take her meds and prepare good meals. We cut the grass and did the laundry. We took her grocery shopping too. We spent as much time as we could helping her, but we have kids at home to take care of and two full time jobs with overtime. I looked for options for home care for Hollywood FL to see if there would be anyone that could come out and help out when we could not be there.

We found a place that was covered under Mom’s insurance. She got daily visits to help with meals, medications and her personal hygiene. It was a lot less embarrassing for mom to have a professional help her than to have my wife or I help her. Like every other family, we did what we had to and just muddled through most things finding the best way to get it done. Still, there are some things that are harder to do than others, especially if you have no experience in providing this type of care. I was just making it up as I went along, so it was nice to have someone helping mom that really knew how to help.

Sure, I can cut grass, do laundry, paint things and fix things around the house. However, I was not nurse material at all. I had to remind myself of her med routine with lots of notes. Even with Mom’s forgetfulness, she helped remind me of details of things at times. I am really glad she is getting professional care for some of the things. I will stick to what I am good at such as cutting the grass.

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