What is the Purpose of These Pills?

I suppose that there might be some valid reasons why you would need something like this supplement that they call Semenax, I honestly can not think of any of them. I can think of punch lines all day, because this stuff is what they call a volume pill and the purpose is apparently to increase the volume of semen in your ejaculant. Personally I never gave any real consideration to how much semen I produced, I assume that it is more than enough and since I have two children, it seems to perform within any reasonable designs. Obviously you are not usually looking to procreate on purpose, so you are doing it for pleasure. When I am done I am not thinking about that stuff, at least not beyond any cleaning up which needs to be done in the aftermath. It is not something that is going to be measured or anything, it is going to be wiped up and tossed in the nearest trash can if that needs to be done. Of course if you are involved in performing in porn, then perhaps there is some sort of reason why you would need to produce a lot of the stuff. That is one situation where they sort of like to produce a lot of the stuff. In fact the male is usually little more than a prop in heterosexual porn, the audience is male heterosexuals and they are interested in females. It seems like something which would not support much of a demand at any rate. I know there is a great deal of porn being made, but must of it is done by a rather small number of individuals. They have to perform first of all, and there are other pills which are going to make sure that they do that.

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